1. Initial Assessment
    Before we proceed with your application, we evaluate and assess your qualifications according to the latest government requirements. We explain the process and programs to you and provide a frank and honest appraisal. This initial process is the foundation of our refund policy.
  2. Program Selection
    After a complete review of your work experience and skills, Mercan selects the best program for each applicant. You will benefit from our extensive knowledge of the selection criteria required. This is important, for it can affect the success of your application and may reduce the processing time.
  3. File Preparation
    Our team of professionals prepare your document, submit and follow-up your application. This includes: helping you gather proper documents so you qualify under the selection criteria applicable to your category; assisting you in completing your application to maximize your chances of success, and ensuring you submit the appropriate required documents,
  4. Monitoring Your File
    One of the outstanding features of Mercan is our commitment to communication. Throughout the process, we keep you updated on your application’s status, and follow each case’s progress by keeping in constant touch with immigration authorities.
  5. Case follow-up
    Mercan follows up your application to ensure it receives the attention it deserves. Whenever requirements or additional documents are requested by immigration authorities, we keep you informed and assist you on a timely basis.